10 things only comic book fans know about the Batman and Ghost-Maker rivalry


Since his first appearance in DC comics, Batman has always had very distinctive villains such as The Joker, The Penguin, or Killer Croc. Some of these villains have been small enemies, very easy to defeat. Others have proven to be a real threat to Gotham City and to Batman’s sanity.

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Trained as Bruce was, Ghost-Maker isn’t necessarily a villain. Ghost-Maker thinks death is punishment for crime, which goes against everything Batman stands for. With their history, the Batman and Ghost-Maker rivalry is one for the ages.

ten Ghost-Maker was created by James Tynion IV and Jorge Jiménez

Art by Jorge Jimenez for Batman # 106 and # 105, respectively

Ghost-Maker first appeared in comics in Batman # 100, created by writer James Tynion IV. Tynion IV is known for his work in Eternal Batman and Batman / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Artist Jorge Jiménez has worked in Super son, Teen Titans, and Justice League. Ghost-Maker is a Batman-type vigilante who has a history with the Dark Knight.

According to Tynion, the idea behind his character was to provide “a Zuko in Bruce’s Aang. The Gary Oak of his ash tree. The Draco Malfoy from his Harry Potter.With that in mind, their history dates back to long before Bruce Wayne became Batman.

9 They met while training to be vigilant

Batman Ghost-Maker Chat

Bruce Wayne and Minhkhoa “Khoa” Khan met when they were young and training to be vigilantes. Much like Bruce did, Khoa traveled the world in search of masters to teach him how to fight. The two men passed each other on their travels and they learned together. Their friendship ended when Khoa learned that Bruce was training to avenge his parents, and not just to become a vigilante.

According to Bruce himself, Khoa was his only friend after his parents died. In Batman # 104, he explains that they would stay awake all night, talking about their training. He even confessed to Dick that he misses him, which is why this rivalry makes him so angry.

8 Ghost-Maker doesn’t believe in sparing criminals

Ghost-Maker Bat-Family 2

All comic book fans know that Batman has only one rule: he doesn’t kill because he believes in the justice system. Killing him would turn him into exactly what he’s trying to stop: a criminal. Although many have tried to get Batman to become a murderer, the Dark Knight remains steadfast on his principle of avoiding the ultimate punishment.

Ghost-Maker has no problem with murder. He believes that criminals should be eliminated and he does not consider the safety of civilians during combat. Even Bruce recognized Ghost-Maker as a sociopath after noticing that he lacked empathy towards others.

seven Batman asked Ghost-Maker to avoid Gotham City

Before going their separate ways after their training, Bruce and Ghost-Maker struck a deal that kept them apart for years. Bruce asked Khoa to stay away from Gotham as he saw the city as his responsibility. Khoa agreed and spent time working as a vigilante in Southeast Asia. In these countries, Ghost-Maker has targeted bad-life criminals and corrupt officials, killing them all.

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Ghost-Maker broke the deal after the Joker declared war on Batman. To prevent the Dark Knight from fighting him, Khoa first neutralized him and the Batman family, as well as other vigilantes in Gotham. This included Clownhunter, who would become an important symbol of the rivalry of the two vigilantes.

6 Much like Batman, Ghost-Maker has a secret lair and a cool car

The Batcave and the Batmobile are two of the most important gadgets that Batman uses to fight crime. The Batcave serves as his secret lair and headquarters for his superhero operation. The Batmobile is a custom form of transportation equipped with multiple weapons.

Ghost-Maker also has these gadgets. His secret lair is called The Haunt and includes almost everything Batman owns, including Bruce’s T-Rex. His car is a fully equipped automobile called the Ghost-Racer. Unfortunately for Khoa, the Ghost-Racer is slower than the Batmobile.

5 Ghost-Maker was considered Batman’s next sidekick when he first appeared

Since Batman is widely known for the number of his sidekicks over the years, fans believed Ghost-Maker was on his way to becoming the newest member of the Batman family. Before the Joker War, Batman realized he needed Ghost-Maker to fight alongside him. Batman invited him to join Batman Incorporated, despite Ghost-Maker’s violent methods. This enraged Ghost-Maker, and the two fought.

After the Joker War, Batman asked him to stay again, realizing Gotham needed more help than ever. Its only condition was that Ghost-Maker does not kill. This time, Ghost-Maker agreed after finding the proposal a worthy challenge for him.

4 They have a shared skill set

Batman Ghost-Maker Origin 2

Ever since Bruce and Khoa embarked on a trip around the world to become vigilantes, they have learned from the same masters and have the same skills. This means that their fighting styles are very similar and make them worthy opponents.

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Although they were trained in a very similar fashion, Batman possesses a greater number of vigilante skills than Ghost-Maker. While Minhkhoa Khan is an expert boxer, Batman is good at boxing, bamp power, dim mak, and ninjutsu.

3 While Batman is an Ascetic, Ghost-Maker is a Hedonist

Due to his psychological training, Bruce Wayne practices self-discipline and abstains from all forms of indulgence. Batman does not drink or eat excessively, as this will interfere with his work as a vigilante. Plus, it doesn’t seem like he’s having a lot of casual sex.

Ghost-Maker indulges in food and drink, as well as casual sex with men and women. He sees it as a form of meditation. Ghost-Maker is openly bisexual, as is James Tynion IV, its creator.

2 Batman is one of the few people to have seen Ghost-Maker’s face

In order to protect his identity from his enemies, Ghost-Maker uses a gray and white full face helmet as part of his costume. When not wearing a mask, he keeps his eyes covered with a piece of white cloth. In his own words, only five living people have ever seen his entire face.

Bruce Wayne is one of those five people. Bruce is one of three people in the world who know Ghost-Maker’s real name: Minhkhoa Khan. To keep things fair, Ghost-Maker also knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

1 Ghost-Maker could be considered the anti-Batman

Batman Ghost Maker

Batman and Ghost-Maker have the same goal of eradicating crime, but approach this task differently. While Batman believes there is hope in rehabilitating criminals, Ghost-Maker sees murder as the only solution. Batman considers his vigilante work a duty, while Ghost-Maker considers it an art form.

According to James Tynion IV, the idea behind Ghost-Maker was to provide Batman with a complete mirror-like counterpart. Ghost-Maker isn’t just Batman’s counterpart, but Minhkhoa Khan is Bruce Wayne’s. Their entire identities are opposed.

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