About the power of attorney required when asking a legal job for debt consolidation

What is the power of attorney required for debt consolidation?

When requesting a legal lawyer or judicial scrivener to arrange debt, it starts with creating a power of attorney and signing a mandate contract. A letter of attorney is necessary for an attorney to act as a proxy and a lawyer can not do legitimate activities without a power of attorney.

We can not negotiate with the money lender instead of our obligor, or make a motion to the court. In general, the power of attorney describes the contents of what delegates perform debt consolidation, such as the names of delegated attorneys and judicial scrivener, and the range of proxy authority, which is the matter of mandate, In order to stop collecting the obligation from the financial institution, a notice of acceptance is required but the attorney can not prepare and send a notice of acceptance without a letter of attorney.

When asking a lawyer, you start with a mandate contract and create a power of attorney. The notice of acceptance assumed debt restructuring procedures from the obligor to the creditors. Please send all contents from today to a lawyer, please send a content certificate notifying the contents etc.

On the fact that lawyers and judicial scrivener have different authority to represent

Although the scope of the agency right which is the matter of mandation is stated, the range that can be represented by lawyers and judicial scrivener is different. Judicial scrivener is an arbitrary organizing case, it is possible to substitute up to 1.4 million yen for each case, and in the case of individual rebirth or self-bankruptcy, there is no litigation proxy right and it is only possible to make a document. In addition, if you become a trial, you can not speak at the court as an agent.

In exchange for that, hands and lawyers are not restricted to monetary amounts in arbitrary sorting, and it is also possible to negotiate surrogacy. In individual rebirth and self-bankruptcy, you can file a proxy as a proxy for prosecution. In the case of a further trial, it is also possible to speak as an agent as a basic role to attend a court case in the court.

Depending on the content of rebuilding life and death, I think that a lawyer is better if you play individuals or bankrupt. The reason is because you can speak as a proxy in the court.

In exchange, judicial scrivener can not speak at the court as an agent, so we often accept only up to 1.4 million yen per company by arbitrary arrangement that does not go through the court. In the case of asking for voluntary arrangement, it is said that there is a high possibility that those who asked judicial scrivener rather than attorney to solve cheaply in terms of cost.

On the price of expenses incurred in delegating debt consolidation to a legal profession

When asking judicial scrivener of debt consolidation, in general, it is made up of a settlement fee and a reward fee. The set amount of money set by the judicial scrivener varies, and it is roughly up to 50,000 yen per one company.

It is said that the fee for paying the fee ranges from 20,000 yen to 50,000 yen per company. Recently, when the debt itself is reduced by the Interest Limitation Law, there seems to be many judicial scrivener who cost 0% to 10% of the total reduction amount.

Either way, free counseling can be done so let’s ask the judicial scrivener to ask how much it will cost beforehand beforehand.

Next, when asking a lawyer, you can consult about debts free of charge, but if you ask a lawyer for debt consolidation it will cost a lawyer. Cost includes start payment, compensation fee, incentive fee in case of successful reduction, actual cost of debts, debt amount, number of companies borrowing, policy of law firm, etc I will come.

Even though I understand that it is okay to ask a lawyer to arrange debt consolidation, it is impossible to consult about how long it will cost it, unless you are worried.

Basically, it is obvious that the client of debt consolidation is a person without money, so the law firm also flexibly deals with payment of expenses.

The cost is about 100,000 yen from free of charge, the compensation fee roughly one company about 20,000 yen, the success fee in the case of successful reduction is roughly 10% of the attorneys of the amount that can be reduced . In addition, there are attorneys who can install payment for payment in advance, and I think that you can grasp the cost in general by talking in advance and including it in the power of attorney.

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