Anthony Eugene Robinson could have a fifth victim: the police


Anthony Robinson, and the cart he allegedly used moving bodies in Fairfax County, Virginia.

The cops positively identified two other women whom the shopping cart killer allegedly murdered. They were both found in a container near the Moon Inn hotel in Alexandria, Va. On December 15, police said. Stephanie harrison, 48, came from across the country to Redding, Calif. Cheyenne Brown, 29 – who officers tentatively named last month to get more information on the case – was from Washington DC. Not only that, but there could be a fifth victim in Washington DC, they said. Authorities once again seek public assistance with any information they know about suspected serial killer Anthony Eugene Robinson, 35 years. They announced on Friday that it was using the Plenty of Fish and Tagged dating apps to lure victims.

So far, he only faces charges in Harrisonburg, Va., For the alleged murder of a local woman. Allene elizabeth redmon, 54 years old and resident of Charlottesville Tonita lorice smith, 39. Harrisonburg Police Chief Kelley warner previously told reporters that cops found the two dead women on open ground. Although they were killed at different times, they were moved there in a shopping cart, officers said. Police believe Robinson moved at least one of the Fairfax County victims – Brown or Harrison – to a cart. Hence the nickname the police gave him: the “Shopping Cart Killer”.

He remains in Rockingham County Adult Detention Center on two counts of murder and two counts of human remains disposal, Fairfax County Police Chief said Kevin davis said Friday. Charges are pending in Fairfax County. He is the sole suspect in the Brown and Harrison murders, police said.

Brown, who was four months pregnant, and Harrison were found in a container near the Moon Inn hotel on the Richmond Highway in Alexandria on December 15, cops said. Robinson was the last person to be seen with Cheyenne during her lifetime, Davis said. They communicated through Plenty of Fish, Davis said. Robinson had stayed at the Moon Inn six times, including the day Brown went missing, Davis said.

A reporter noted during questioning that Harrison’s family said they were in town.

Police have expressed concern that there may be more victims, survivors and others who have contacted Robinson. This includes Plenty of Fish, Tagged, or other dating apps.

“We think there are survivors there,” Davis said.

Police said they were working to build a “victimology” to get in touch with women who may have interacted with this suspect, and to work with 35 other police departments to review existing missing persons cases to help them. to determine if there are commonalities. This includes law enforcement in Robinson’s home state of New York.

Fairfax County Police Major Ed O’Carroll said there could also be a fifth victim in Washington DC, although he declined to make an identification. A woman was found dead in a shopping cart, covered only with a blanket, he said. Digital evidence places Robinson in the area at the time of his disappearance, he said. Local police are investigating, he said.

O’Carroll urged those who contacted Robinson to contact Fairfax County Police at (703) 246-7800. They can also provide anonymous advice to the Crime Solvers program at 1 (866) 411-TIPS, he said. He called this critical for the case. Figuring out where Robinson is and his habits could help uncover more victims or survivors and build their case.

Davis declined to say if Robinson was giving them any information.

“Cheyenne Brown, Stephanie Harrison were amazing women,” said O’Carroll. “They haven’t done anything wrong. Both loved by families and our community.

According to Davis, Cheyanne’s mother told authorities she wanted everyone to know that Cheyenne had a huge heart. She trusted and considered everyone to be her friend, he said.

Harrison’s daughter described her as a beloved mother and even better as a grandmother.

“She was the nicest person and was helping everyone and would give you her last dime,” Davis said.

Redmon’s daughter, Amanda May, said the last time she contacted her mother was a text the night of October 24. In it, Redmon said she was at the Howard Johnson Hotel watching football, but when asked who she was with, she told May it was none of her business, according to WJLA in a December 20 report

“I thought she was dating a friend and she just didn’t want to tell me,” she said.

May said she had never met or heard of Robinson before the murder case against him.

“He took her away from us and for what?” she said. “When I spoke to her on the phone, she didn’t look scared. She didn’t look worried. So apparently she trusted him somehow. I don’t know how long she had been talking to him.

[Booking photo of Robinson and image of the shopping cart via Fairfax County Police Department.

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