Crime center stage as voters go to the polls to decide Atlanta’s next mayor


For months, FOX 5 has reported that crime and public safety top the voters list in their decision on Atlanta’s next mayor. The night before polling day, three fatal shots were fired within minutes of each other and just hours before the polling stations opened.

The first incident occurred along Fulton Street where Atlanta police said they found a man shot dead in the stairwell of an apartment at around 8:18 p.m. Police said the victim had multiple injuries Gunshot. The identity of the victim was not disclosed, but police said they believed the victim and the shooter were acquaintances.

Half an hour before this call, on New Town Circle, the police responded to another shooting. Investigators said the victim, who is believed to be in his 40s, was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds around 7:40 p.m. Investigators said, once again, that a fight led to the shooting.

About 40 minutes earlier, police responded to a shooting on While Oak Avenue SW. Police said two men who knew each other had an argument, one pulled out a gun and shot the other. The victim, who is believed to be in his late 20s and early 30s, was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital where he died.

Police said none of the incidents were related.

Candidates for mayor have been touting their plans on how they plan to reduce crime like this.

Kasim Reed, a former mayor, touts crime statistics which were low during his tenure. He also reports on the agents who have been hired under his administration, for a short time reaching 2000 full authorizations.

“I’ve done it before,” Reed said confidently in a meeting with police union leaders.

Council President Felicia Moore boasts of having her own support among the officers. And she says part of her strategy will be prevention. For example, she says she will hold nightclub owners accountable for incidents that overflow their properties.

Lawyer Sharon Gay, who is among the top runners-up for mayor, believes crime prevention begins with strengthening the police department. She wouldn’t stop hiring hundreds of new officers. She said her administration would provide officers with the best equipment and the best training.

City Councilor Andre Dickens highlights the commitment of young people to keeping young people out of crime. One example was his initiation of the midnight basketball league in the city.

Antonio Brown, another council member, tells voters the next mayor must take a “holistic” approach to curb violence. Brown says the seeds of criminal behavior are germinating among the underprivileged. “It can’t just be more prisons,” Brown said. “What did it bring us?

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The election will also be held for several seats on the Atlanta City Council.

If a single candidate does not get 50% plus one of the votes, there will be a second round on November 30.

Several other municipalities in northern Georgia will also go to the polls on Tuesday.

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