Cuomo’s attorney asks Albany sheriff to keep ‘red investigation’ records


Andrew Cuomo’s attorney has called on Albany County Sheriff Craig D. Apple, Sr. to “keep all things right” his investigation into the former governor’s sexual misconduct case.

According to a letter sent by Rita Glavin, this would include phone records, texts and emails.

“In an attempt to divert attention from his bizarre and unprofessional investigation into Red that resulted in a ‘wrongly’ criminal charge against former Governor Cuomo, Albany Sheriff Craig Apple has claimed there had an “overwhelming amount of evidence” gathered in this case. However, every item listed by his investigator only verifies the undisputed facts that this employee was in and out of the Governor’s mansion as part of his job – there has no corroborating evidence that a crime has taken place. ”

Glavin said the governor has denied the allegations from the start and doesn’t think a politician has any evidence to prove otherwise.

A New York sheriff defended his decision to file a criminal complaint against former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday without consulting prosecutors or the accuser, a woman who says the Democrat groped her at the end of the ‘last year.

Sheriff Apple said on Friday he was confident in the strength of the case, which he said was based on witness interviews and voluminous files.

“I am very confident that the district attorney will initiate a prosecution,” he told reporters at a press conference in Albany, the state capital.

A court summons requires Cuomo to appear for arraignment on November 17, although that date may change.

He will be allowed to appear voluntarily, but Deputy Sheriff William Rice told The Associated Press the ex-governor would be reserved for the sheriff’s seat, including photographed, fingerprinted, and likely handcuffed during transport to the court. Cuomo likely won’t be spending time in a holding cell, Rice said.

A page’s complaint filed in Albany City Court accuses Cuomo of forcibly touching by putting his hand under a woman’s shirt on December 7.

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