Former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton explains how to solve crime in New York


Bratton says the crime is here

Army vet Bill Bratton, who has commanded six police departments including Boston, Los Angeles and twice commissioner of New York, said:

“My own wife was assaulted at 11:30 a.m. one morning on 57th and Third. Crowded corner on a busy day. So many emotionally disturbed people. . . that this fear is much talked about.

“With perhaps a thousand disturbed people in a state of millions, Cuomo reduced the number of beds so a judge could take an emotionally disturbed person into custody. Politicians refuse to extend this. New Yorkers are being punished by their elected officials and driving us mad.

“Gun crime is on the rise. Politicians are rewriting the regulations so anyone can apply for a permit. Nothing changes until they rework these rules. It’s the Wild West. More weapons, more violence, more suicides. Criminals simply steal a gun and use it. The inappropriate use of firearms by the law-abiding population and incidents of shootings are increasing.

“For small businesses, steel gates are coming back. Empty storefronts have homeless people living in the doors. The legislative action is such that you can shoplift again and again. And the prosecutor won’t prosecute. Steal less than a certain amount and you won’t be arrested. There is no punishment for crimes.

“2018 was New York’s safest year. Fewer than 100,000 serious crimes, 300 murders. The following year, Albany’s criminal justice reform ruined everything. Today’s crime wave hui is blamed on the politicians of New York. They created it.

Bratton criticized lenient crime district attorneys like Manhattan's Alvin Bragg for not prosecuting criminals.
Bratton criticized soft-on-crime district attorneys like Manhattan’s Alvin Bragg for not prosecuting criminals.
Gabriella Bass

“And the Manhattan District Attorney doesn’t want to put criminals in jail. He endangers the rest of the population by giving them chances. Sorry, got caught with a gun committing a crime? You should go to jail!”

Need more staff and training

“For all the problems in New York right now, the police department isn’t big enough. Cops struggle to protect themselves for fear of being sued and possibly wrongfully arrested. It’s a mess. Law enforcement also doesn’t have enough civilian captains – people who see something and say something.

“Officers need training. It’s like not wanting a doctor to give too much chemo or radiation. You just want the right amount to heal yourself. Ditto in terms of risk. You’re not making the patient sicker – just that which is okay. Stop-and-frisk, a great tool, can be moderated. Gone — but it’s an essential tool. You can’t police without it. The challenge is to do it constitutionally. Within the law. Moderate up and down based on crime, but it needs to be here to stay. When I ran the department in the early 90s, we had even more crime.

Bratton called for putting more NYPD officers on the subway system.
Bratton called for putting more NYPD officers on the subway system.
Christopher Sadowski

MTA Relay

“For metros, more agents need to be in the system. Today’s technology helps. I would advocate cameras that monitor in real time from a control room or the driver’s cab so you’re not looking at a crime after it happens, but before it happens. From the driver’s cabin, you cannot see the curve of these trains. This is a major flaw.

“As far as recruiting officers, part of the problem was that during COVID the police academy stopped giving tests and the recruitment process. The pool has shrunk significantly from our usual 30,000. They are now in a year-long process to formulate new exams, so temporarily the department has lost about 1,200 officers. This will change.

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