In Cuba to protest = sedition

Cuban Caridad Castro Ruiz and her son Kevin Damián Frómeta Castro, accused of “sedition” for having participated in the demonstrations of the 11J. justice 11J / facebook

Prosecutor calls for 18 years in prison for 20-year-old on July 11e protester. Mother: “Her life was destroyed”

By Diario de Cuba

HAVANA TIMES – Cuban mother Caridad Castro Ruiz calls for justice and freedom for her 20-year-old son Kevin Damian Frometa Castro, arrested for participating in the July 11 protests in Havana. The provincial prosecutor’s office is asking for 18 years in prison for the alleged offense of “sedition”.

“How to explain to a child, who is not a criminal, who was brought up by the love of the family…, who did not kill anyone, who did not rape, that he will spend his next 18 years? years behind bars? her mother asked, mired in tears, in a video posted by Justicia 11J (see below).

The group noted that Kevin Damián Castro Ruiz was 19 at the time of the events. He turned 20 in prison on October 15.

“How does a mother live with this pain?” Where is the justice in Cuba? I thought we lived in a safe country, in a country where we could grow up, where there was kindness and unfortunately I hit my face with that brutal phrase. How can we sleep peacefully in the face of so much injustice?

“My pain is that of all Cuban mothers who go through this. My son is a good boy, a good neighbor, a worker, who made coffee for his neighbors, who liked Cuban films. Now they have destroyed my life, his and the life of all of us. I am asking for justice for my son, I am asking for freedom, ”she concluded.

Sedition added to list of charges

The Havana prosecutor’s office began to use the crime of sedition to prosecute Cuban adolescents and youth from La Güinera and Mantilla (municipality of Arroyo Naranjo) and Diez de Octubre, who participated in the July 11 and 12 protests in these districts of the Capital.

Kevin Damian Frómeta Castro is one of 76 protesters in the capital, including nearly a dozen minors under the age of 18, who are being treated under the crime. The sentences requested range from 13 years to 27 years in prison.

On July 15, four days after the outbreak of the largest protests in Cuba since 1959, regime spokesman Humberto Lopez announced on television Hacemos Cuba, that those detained in the protests could be charged with public disorder, incitement to commit a crime, robbery, resistance, bombing, injury, contempt, property damage and the spread of epidemics.

The initial charges against the protesters, as well as the prosecution’s requests, were primarily intended to punish those who participated in the protests. The idea being that when they served their sentence, or even if they were finally released after months of provisional prison in which many denounced having suffered physical and psychological violence and the lack of medical care, they would no longer consider to demonstrate.

The second goal, analysts said, has been to deter future promoters and participants of the protests and follows the announcement of new protests on November 15.

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