Knoxville man arrested on domestic violence charges, robbery charges reported by 2 different women


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Knoxville man faces robbery and domestic violence charges after two incidents last month involving two different women, a sword and a Dodge Charger. At the time of his arrest, the man had led officers on a brief foot chase along Pleasant Ridge Road.

Joseph Anthony Davis, 40, of Knoxville, was arrested and detained in Knox County this week on charges stemming from two incidents involving two women in February. Court records say Davis stole a woman’s Dodge Charger while she was shopping at KARM and about a week later used a sword to physically threaten another woman in a home during an incident of domestic violence.

February 9, Davis and a woman were shopping at a KARM store on Sherlake Lane in West Knox County when Davis pulled the victim’s car keys to her 2010 Dodge Shelby Charger out of her purse without her knowledge and when she was ready to leave the store, she found that Davis and his car were gone. She was able to return to her residence and saw her car parked on one of her neighbour’s properties and that her car audio system had been attempted to be stolen; the wires were cut and the speaker/amplifier was removed from the trunk of the car and was in the back seat. Her car would not start and she had to replace the starter along with the battery after Davis abandoned the car.

The victim was able to positively identify Davis from a series of photos as the person who stole her car and the report says she said Davis did not have permission or consent to take her property.

About a week later, February 17, officers responded to a domestic violence call at a West Knoxville residence where the victim told them her boyfriend, Joseph Davis, assaulted her by choking her and putting a sword to her throat. Davis had fled before officers arrived. The victim said she and Davis had an argument about his infidelity when the argument turned physical; she said he grabbed her by the throat and started squeezing her hand, choking her to the point that she started losing her sight and when he let go of her he grabbed one of her swords and put her to her throat, threatening to kill her. The victim said Davis then tackled her to the ground.

Officers issued an arrest warrant for Davis, who already had outstanding warrants for theft.

Authorities caught up with Davis on Monday afternoon, February 28, after being spotted by law enforcement along Pleasant Ridge Road near the First Apostolic Church after leaving the Victor Ashe Park running track. The officer observed Davis pin his right hand to his right front side, “consistent with the behavior of those who may be carrying a firearm,” the report said, so the officer made contact and asked to perform a pat down search. Davis consented and nothing was found. When the officer asked for his name and date of birth, the report says Davis gave the name, “Johnny Dickerson” and said he didn’t know his Social Security number. The officer completed a National Crime Information Center or NCIC check, a Tennessee Homeland Security check and an Inform IQ check – none of which successfully identified him with the name and date of birth given by Davis to the officer.

When the officer asked Davis to place his hands behind his back, he complied, but as soon as the officer pulled out the handcuffs, Davis moved away from the officer’s control and ran towards the west across Pleasant Ridge Road. The officer shouted “police, stop” at Davis as he chased him. The officer was able to catch up to Davis and tackle him to the ground, giving him verbal commands to give his hands, which Davis did not comply with. The officer stayed on top of Davis until another officer arrived to help him. At that point, officers struggled with Davis to grab his hands and handcuff them. Davis said his chest hurt, and the Knoxville Fire Department responded to the scene. Davis was cleared by a doctor and said he didn’t want to go to the hospital.

Further investigation revealed Davis’ name as well as the two outstanding warrants relating to the crimes committed against the two women earlier in the month. Davis was taken to a Knox County Detention Center on Tuesday morning and is scheduled to attend a bail hearing on Thursday, March 3 at 9 a.m.


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