Mitchell man charged with Cabela’s thefts, Runnings ATV, under investigation for thefts in other jurisdictions


On December 27, Mitchell police sent a report from Cabela staff that their fence had been cut and an ATV, valued at nearly $ 5,400, had been stolen.

A week later, on January 3, officers located the ATV in the back of a pickup truck parked outside a motel room rented by Michael Hoskins, 51, of Mitchell.

Police knocked on the motel room door and Hoskins responded, but told police the pickup belonged to a family member. When asked for identification, he allegedly slammed the door.

The next day, police got a tip through CrimeStoppers who helped law enforcement obtain a warrant to search a storage unit in Mitchell, rented by Hoskins, for goods that had also been stolen in other jurisdictions. .

During the execution of the warrant, police recovered a John Deere Gator, valued at $ 35,000, which had been reported stolen in Sioux Falls, and a Troy Bilt lawn mower. However, officers could not prove that the lawn mower was stolen and had to leave it in the unit.

On January 5, police received another Crime Stoppers report alleging that Hoskins had also stolen a second ATV at Runnings in Mitchell. The pipe claimed the ATV was parked outside an apartment complex in Mitchell.

Although the ATV’s VIN number was not reported as stolen, an officer called Runnings to verify the model’s inventory numbers. Runnings told police the system shows they should have three ATVs on hand, but the store was only able to locate one. Police seized the ATV from the parking lot on suspicion of having been stolen. Runnings valued this ATV at $ 1,550.

Later that evening, Hoskins was located at a motel in Mitchell and placed under arrest.

An affidavit alleges that Hoskins admitted to stealing Cabela’s and Runnings ‘ATVs, as well as the theft of Runnings’ lawnmower and Gator from a dealer in Sioux Falls.

He is also said to have admitted to having committed other machine thefts in “other jurisdictions”, although these cases are still under investigation.

Hoskins has been charged with robbery worth $ 42,723.99 in Davison County, although the total value of all the alleged thefts is over $ 100,000.

Theft under $ 100,000 is a Class 4 felony, punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $ 20,000.

He could be charged in various other counties if there is enough evidence, although other jurisdictions have yet to press charges.

He is scheduled to appear in a Davison County courtroom for a status hearing on January 13.


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