Police recover six stolen motorcycles


Islamabad: The Islamabad Police Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) has arrested four accused of motorcycle gangs and two drug traffickers, a police spokesperson said.

According to the details, a CIA police team consisting of ASI Zulfqar Ali and other officials managed to catch four accused from the Sheri gang involved in the motorcycle theft.

The gang’s modus operandi was to lift motorcycles parked in parking lots with master keys.

The gangsters have been identified as Sher Ali Alias ​​Sheri, Muhammad Nadeem, Muhammad Shahzad and Hashim Ali.

The police team also recovered six stolen motorcycles and weapons in their possession.

During the preliminary investigation, the defendants confessed to their involvement in motorcycle lifting incidents in various parts of the city. Separate cases were registered against them at the I-Area, Karachi Company and Ramana police stations. Further investigation is underway. Additionally, another CIA police team managed to catch two drug dealers involved in supplying drugs to the Sabzi Mandi and I-Area areas.

The accused were identified as Kashif Iqbal, Faizan Manzoor and recovered 8000 grams of hashish in their possession.


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