Suspect arrested in brutal death of homeless man in Tower District, police say


FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – “He will be held responsible for this heinous crime,” Fresno Police Lt. Larry Bowlan said on Monday after the arrest of 33-year-old Jesse Gonzalez. for the murder of Angel Cortez Flores, 27, a homeless man who was stabbed to death on December 18 on Palm and Olive avenues.

“As we looked at the surveillance footage and conducted our investigation, we actually realized that Mr. Cortez had been assaulted by suspect Gonzalez around 3 a.m. on December 18,” Bowlan said.

According to police, Gonzalez is a member of the Savage Assassins Motorcycle Club of Fresno. Officers served a search warrant on the club on January 7, looking for evidence. Bowlan says they don’t believe the club was involved in the murder.

“We don’t think it was anything the Savage Assassin Motorcycle Club had pushed him to do. This was an isolated incident, we still don’t know what Mr. Gonzalez’s real motivation was, ”he said.

Photo of victim Angel Cortez Flores, 27, provided by the Fresno Police Department.

Gonzalez is being held in Sutter County Jail after being found and arrested at a house in Yuba town.

It was the 72nd of 74 murders in Fresno in 2021. Twelve of them were homeless.

Lt. Bowlan says arrests were made in six of the cases, including Gonzalez. Police are hoping 2022 will not be the same.

“We have just come out of consecutive years of 74 murders, we are out of breath. We hope to reduce that number by half this year, ”he said.

So far this year there have been two murders. Last year around this time there had been five.

Police say they expect Gonzalez to be extradited to Fresno within the next two weeks.


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