Update on Ongoing NOPD Secondary Employment Details Investigation


Today, the NOPD has reached agreements with several agents who have been found to violate the secondary employment policy. These officers were found guilty of minor breaches of departmental policy.

As part of the individual agreements, these officers will each serve a two-day suspension and receive letters of reprimand, which will appear in their permanent files. In accordance with NOPD policy, officers can use days off in lieu of a suspension of up to 10 days.

The negotiated settlements were formulated, reviewed and accepted by all parties involved, including the NOPD and the Independent Police Monitor. The IPM was present at every settlement meeting.

“While these corrective actions have been agreed to by all parties involved, that does not mean the investigation ends here.” NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson said. “As I said before, NOPD and IPM are taking this situation very seriously. We work with the Police Secondary Employment Office to identify and correct any shortcomings or human error in the process. We also continue to work with IPM to conduct a systemic review of each violation of our secondary employment policy. Through this investigation, we will hold all officers found guilty of offenses accountable. “


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